Kashi Community

I started my life as a 'Barbarian' in late 2006 as their first "account" person and took on the challenge of landing our first direct client. By early 2007 we won the digital AOR pitch for Kashi, a brand that had recently been bought by Kellogg's. Our challenge was to redesign Kashi.com, focusing on building a natural lifestyle community.

I served as the Group Account Director on Kashi for the next 3 years, growing the business an average of 60% each year. Other accomplishments during that time included:

    * Growing the Kashi community from zero to 1 million registered members

    * Increasing site traffic an average of 45% year over year

    * Increasing key loyalty metrics anywhere from 87% to 159% year over year

    * Becoming certified in Scrum in order to better manage our development process

    * Managing 2 redesigns as we continually optimized the site