Life Reimagined

Life Reimagined, an offshoot of AARP, hired The Barbarian Group as their Social Media AOR in 2014 with the objective of improving their presence in social media. I led the account, serving as both the Media & Distribution Director as well as the Account Director.

We started the relationship by developing a social media playbook to guide our work throughout the year. The playbook included a content strategy, channel plan, influencer strategy, moderation guidelines and an approach to measurement. We reviewed the analytics from the previous year and set safe and stretch goals to measure our performance against. We also evaluated their existing social management software and recommended a new partner, Percolate, to help streamline content creation and operations.

Within three weeks of implementing the playbook, all channels were operating above the safe goal set for the year. Through ongoing measurement and optimizations, all channels exceeded the stretch goal by the end of the year, some by as much as 110%.