Tools, tires, refrigerators and leopard print rompers – one of these things just doesn’t belong. In 2011, The Barbarian Group was challenged to bring them together and make it cool to shop for clothing at Sears. Our solution was to create the boutique brand and online fashion magazine searsStyle.

I was responsible for developing a social media and communications plan that would build an audience for the fledgling brand and drive traffic to the site.


An influencer strategy focused on celebrities and fashion bloggers helped us to build an audience on the searsStyle social channels. In the first 6 months, we grew to 80,000+ likes on Facebook and nearly 30,000 followers for @searsStyle on Twitter.

The searsStyle Facebook page drew 51,000 monthly active users while I was overseeing the project between 2011 and 2012.

In the absence of a paid media budget I developed a contest strategy and, on Twitter, reached nearly 8 million through 5 sweeps.

Social media was responsible for driving over 34% of all traffic to