“Shelby is one of the few partners I’ve come across who was not only focused on strategy, but excelled at getting her hands dirty in the execution. More importantly, and what I’ve found to be rare in the social world, is that she really dove into the metrics regularly to ensure the strategy was working, that we were always testing and learning, and that we’re optimizing to those learnings quickly. Her guidance made my life 100X easier as I could fully trust her strategic decisions and leadership.” 

- Ashley Marion, Marketing Manager, AARP

"Shelby's elevated the quality of every project I've worked with her on. She moves fast, thinks strategically, minds the details and produces informed, systematic work. She understands brands, digital marketing and communications strategy as well as anyone I know, consistently finding creative ways to make her clients more successful. Plus, she's awesome to work with—collaborative, easy-going and fun."

- Frank Marquardt, Content Strategy Manager, Facebook

"I’m so grateful for everything that Shelby has done for Projects For All. Shelby took our communications plans and made them real, and possible. She guided us through every step of our design, brand, social media and communications. She is meticulous and I have come to value her opinion and style very highly. Shelby played a huge role in putting our work in human rights on the map, and this had a tangible effect on our ability to grow the organization."

- Katrin Macmillan, CEO, Projects For All